Mercedes Offering prices have changed some what during the last couple of years once they introduced repaired value affordable offering, while some of the offering when due may seem puzzling at times. Now they have presented SERVICE CARE which is really a definitely better alternative, enabling you to keep a tight hold on your own maintenance costs.

The Benefits of Company Attention

Your Support Plan will soon be set and Assures the cost that you spend today is the purchase price for the next 2 or 3 services, meaning your obligations wouldn’t increase even if inflation does.


A Set Monthly cost makes it simpler for you yourself to budget by enabling to distribute the cost of the servicing. The flexibility that Service Care offers you is as you are able to take your car or truck to any Mercedes Benz Standard Class for a Support, also the Support Treatment Strategy may be completely transferable to a new operator in the event that you sell your Mercedes Benz, providing that the master plan is paid for up front.

The entire Support Care Offer has been made to be comprehensive in the protect it provides mercedes repair, yet easy in the manner in which you can handle and pay for it and is available over a length of time that most readily useful matches your requirements.


What’s included: Company Care addresses the expense of all maker recommended support things which look on the Electronic service Sheet and any Extra Procedures which are Necessary depending on age and mileage. Such as spark plugs, air filters, mixture filters, brake liquid and transmission servicing.

An Electronic Support Sheet is made for each company due during those times, these suggest which service is due and any additional Procedures that could be required. This will often look a little puzzling but there are several products that are only changed every two years as well as four decades, this can perhaps not included a computerized indication support that will be due at 37,500 miles irrespective of age.

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